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Welcome to my wonderland ♥

A Conversation with the cast of Supernatural.

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the way demon!dean saunters

that’s what keeps me awake at night


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"I can believe in my own abilities, or the choices of my trusted comrades. But no one ever knows how things will turn out."

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So we ALWAYS talk about how close and cute Misha, Jensen, and Jared are..

But. why don’t we ever talk about the preciousness of Rob, Richard, and Matt’s threesome relationship.

Like look at this

We need to speak of this more

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6.08 | All Dogs Go to Heaven

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snk meme: day 5/20: favourite moment:

armin and annie’s confrontation

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if season 10 is the last season what if cas sacrifices himself and uses whatever grace he has left at the end of the season to save dean and the screen cuts to black and we hear cas’ pained, dying voice overlay saying, “dean winchester.. is saved.” and the credits play with carry on my wayward son 

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I was sad so I drew this really serious comic D: